Digital Analyst / Senior Digital Analyst / Assistant Manager

Digital Analyst / Senior Digital Analyst / Assistant Manager

Key Duties and Responsibilities

The person in this role will support IMAS’ push towards greater digitization of the asset management industry.

  • This exciting role serves to drive the IMAS Strategic Digital Initiatives, to increase the awareness amongst IMAS members of the sea change sweeping the industry in digitization, to chart a roadmap to help members move along with the changes, to innovate and to stay relevant.

  • The Candidate will also drive IMAS’ outreach efforts to Fintechs/ Start-ups globally, researching on the best of breed start-ups that we wish to invite to participate in the IMAS Digital Accelerator Program, only one in the region, with the best-in- class solutions for the Asset Management Problem statements.

  • The Candidate will work with Senior Management to research, recruit Digital Mentors, source & curate relevant thought leadership articles for the IMAS website, to inform members of the latest best practices, innovation around the asset management fields.

  • The Candidate is expected to fulfill KPIs in terms of Fintech and asset management membership acquisition as well as build the Fintech mentor pool amongst the IMAS membership base.

  • The Candidate will focus on planning, implementation, organizing a series of workshops, networking events between the Fintechs/Start-ups and the Asset Management Industry.

  • The Candidate will foster and manage relationships with Venture Capitalists and Fintechs.

  • The Candidate will support the high-level planning & execution of the yearly IMAS Digital Pitchfest, coordinate with the consultants on the planning, with members on the problem statements and with the PR firms on the press and PR effort to ensure the best possible organization & publicity for the event.

  • The Candidate will be in charge of designing IMAS member surveys, to track the outcomes of our various programs, collating & publishing the results, work with the tertiary institutions to ensure internship opportunities for our students with the start-ups to ensure organic growth of local talent pool, knowledge exchange etc.

  • The Candidate will provide Secretariat support for the activities of the IMAS Digital Working Group.

This role will allow the Analyst to build and maintain relationships with internal stakeholders as well as with external service providers

Job Qualifications and Prerequisite

  • Up to 5 years of working experience

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably, in communications, computer science or finance

  • Strong business writing and communications skills. Bilingual fluency in English and Chinese

  • Proficient in MS Office applications, particularly MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, and MS Outlook

  • Strong entrepreneurial slant, creative, deadline-driven, highly motivated, positive, and self-starter

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Ability to program, code, maintain websites and mobile applications, databases is very useful

Please write to IMAS at if you are interested to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.upto 5 years of working experience

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