As the champion for the investment management industry in Singapore, IMAS works to represent the views of our members and provide a collective voice in advocacy of various issues that affect the environment our members operate in, both locally and internationally.

Locally, we proactively provide our feedback to relevant authorities on evolving industry developments and also respond to consultations from the Singapore government and regulators to help shape and influence the policymaking and implementation of changes impacting the industry.

Internationally, we work closely with other investment associations in the region and globally to provide policy recommendations to foreign regulators or other international bodies through our network in the Asia Oceania International Funds Association (AOIFA) and the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA), which IMAS is a member of.

IMAS also advocates the interests of the investment management community in Singapore through participation in various national platforms such as the Singapore Funds Industry Group (SFIG), Green Finance Industry Taskforce (GFIT) and Steering Committee for SOR Transition to SORA, and other industry-led, multi-stakeholder platforms.

IMAS responds to industry consultations, which may be public or closed-door, from the Singapore government, regulators and other supervisory authorities.

IMAS regularly organises forums and roundtables to provide members a platform to deliberate and exchange views on current and pertinent issues affecting the investment management industry. Through these industry discussions, we seek to better represent members’ collective views in our engagement with any government or supervisory authority, whether local or foreign.

IMAS has been actively promoting the adoption of ESG-principled investments and collaborating with industry stakeholders.

IMAS advocates the interest of the investment management industry through participation in various multi-stakeholder platforms

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