Fintech Jam – The Sustainability Edition

Fintech Jam – The Sustainability Edition

15 Sep 2021

4.00pm – 5.00pm (SGT)


Asset managers today continue to face major challenges with the quality of ESG company data in portfolio analysis. This includes lack of consistency of reporting standards, timeliness of data, heavy reliance on company self-reporting and limited transparency in methodologies.

As ESG investing in APAC region gathers momentum, do asset managers focused on the Asian markets have the right tools to assess their investee companies? How can technology help integrate ESG strategies into the investment process and portfolio analysis to meet key client objectives on sustainability? We look at how companies can use innovative solutions to optimise time and human effort in monitoring ESG data sources.

At the sustainability edition of the Fintech Jam, IMAS brings you three fintechs – CredQuant, OneConnect, SESAMm. These solutions use AI, NLP and Risk Analytics to process alternative data sources to help introduce transparency into what is historically an opaque market for ESG reporting focus on China & ASEAN markets. If you are a technology specialist, fund manager, strategist or analyst focusing on Asian markets and looking to integrate ESG considerations into your portfolio, join us today!


Mr John Fahey, IMAS Digital Innovation Committee Member | Programme Manager, Fidelity International

Fintech Presenters:

Ms Tanvi Sharma, Director of Strategy & Business Development, CredQuant
Mr Zhang Zhaoqi, ESG & Public Sector Lead, OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd. 
Mr Thibaut Gunsey, CFA, Regional Sales Executive – Asia, SESAMm

Top row from left to right: Thibaut Gunsey (SESAMm), John Fahey (Moderator), Katherine Sin (IMAS)
Bottom row from left to right: Zhang Zhaoqi (OneConnect Financial Technology), Tanvi Sharma (CredQuant), Abhinav Mishra (CredQuant), Maurise Seah (IMAS)

Watch recorded webinar here

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