How to Protect Wealth from Systemic Risk

How to Protect Wealth from Systemic Risk

5 Oct 2009

Dear Members,

We have invited Mr. Louis Boulanger to give An IMAS Series Afternoon Talk on 5th October 2009. Mr. Boulanger is a CFA, a former member of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) Executive Committee and publisher of the newsletter “Prosper!”. He has 30 years of experience in the industry, including 18 with Mercer, and has been on the Speaker Retainer Program of the CFA Institute for over five years now.

If you are interested, please register at As seats are limited, please confirm early. Details of the Talk are as follows:

Date: 5th October 2009

Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Venue: Bloomberg, 23 Church Street, Capital Square, Singapore 049481

Theme: How to Protect Wealth from Systemic Risk (Click here to view presentation slides)

Louis will present on the financial crisis, which began in the US as a credit crisis and continues to evolve into a Global Systemic Crisis. He will argue that the whole edifice of central banking is failing and that money itself is in crisis. Our global monetary system is in dire need of major reform. Just as there is no way to perpetuate a debt-based financial system in perpetuity, there is no way fiat money can last forever.

He will explain why he believes physical gold offers the best protection from the ongoing destruction of capital and how investment portfolios should implement their exposure to the yellow metal.

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