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ASFI Academy: Sustainable finance across Agriculture Forestry Fisheries (AFF) supply chains (asset manager edition)

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Companies across agriculture, forestry and fisheries (AFF) supply chains depend on nature to generate value; but the degradation of our natural resources threatens the sector's long-term profitability. This is particularly true in Asia where environmental and social (E&S) issues like climate change and water stress are already impacting agricultural productivity, and are only expected to get worse throughout the century. Issues like these pose significant financial risks not only to companies operating across AFF supply chains, but also to the banks and investors that finance them. 

While the risks are significant, so are the opportunities. Technological advances in agricultural production efficiency, field monitoring, degraded lands restoration, and growth in new markets like alternative meats all present opportunities to transition the AFF sector towards a climate-smart, resilient future.

Developed in reference to the IBF and MAS Sustainable Finance Technical Skills and Competencies (SF TSCs), this four-course series providers asset management professionals with an overview of how to assess and manage E&S risks specific to AFF clients.

  • Identify, articulate and respond to risk transmission channels for key environmental and social (E&S) issues across high-risk sectors
  • Apply latest standards and tools for measuring and monitoring E&S performance for corporates and FIs
  • Learn from leading market practice/best practice case studies




This 3-hours module is created by WWF-Singapore.



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