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Sustainable Investing Across Asset Classes

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Sustainability is now a key consideration when assessing financial performance and investment risk, and attractive environmental, social & governance (ESG) opportunities are emerging across all asset classes. How is sustainability shaping the global markets and impact asset classes including fixed income, ETFs & indexing and multi-asset portfolios?

This course is created by BlackRock and specifically tailored for professionals in the financial sector who are keen to deepen their sustainable investing expertise. Participants are expected to have some experience in the financial services sector and investments.

This course comprises of three sections:

  1. Sustainable Investing in Fixed Incomeinstructed by Ashley Schulten, Head of ESG Investment, Global Fixed Income, BlackRock. Participants will:

    (a) Learn how sustainable investing is going mainstream in fixed income
    (b) Understand why sustainable investing in fixed income requires a differentiated approach
    (c) Understand commonalities and differences of ESG analysis and sustainable investing across different fixed income asset classes
    (d) Understand the growing universe of "labelled" bonds

  2. Sustainable Investing in ETFs & Indexinginstructed by Sunita Subramoniam, APAC Head of Sustainable Product Strategy for iShares and Index Investments, BlackRock. Participants will:

    (a) Learn how innovations in ESG fixed income indexing can be used as sustainable building blocks for portfolios
    (b) Explain the growth in the market
    (c) Discuss the factors driving the move to sustainable index investing
    (d) Explain how better date leads to better indexes

  3. Building and Managing Sustainable Multi-Asset Portfoliosinstructed by Katharina Schwaiger, Factors, Sustainability and Solutions, BlackRock Systematic. Participants will:

    (a) Understand the practicalities of optimising for outcomes and building sustainable portfolios
    (b) Explain the benefits of integrating ESG via multiple drivers of return
    (c) Discuss implementation of ESG through index, factor and alpha exposures and identify key considerations for each

This course will take 1 hour to complete.


Participants are required to pass the final assessment to be deem as having completed the course.

  • There is a Multiple-Choice Questions assessment at the end of each section
  • A minimum passing grade of 80% is required for each of the assessments

Participants can retake the assessment if they do not meet the passing grade. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon completion of the course.



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