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In today’s dynamic landscape, asset managers have an opportunity to be champions of positive change. By embracing an adaptive mindset and establishing a robust framework for seizing emerging opportunities, they can lead the way in navigating the forces of digitalization, generative AI, and the growing emphasis on ESG. Join us in playing a pivotal role in “Reshaping Tomorrow”.

IMAS is providing a series of Masterclasses conducted by highly regarded senior experts. Designed for C-suite, senior leaders and heads of business units, we are offering a deep and comprehensive learning experience with teaching, breakout sessions with the participants that will promote the sharing of industry best practice. 

Join us in the upcoming IMAS Investment Conference & Masterclass 2024 at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay on 27 March 2024! We look to bring together thought leaders to discover the blueprint that will help decision makers meet the challenges ahead with conviction and assurance.

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Date: 27 March 2024
Please contact IMAS at conference@imas.org.sg for more information 
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Masterclass 1
Navigating the Future of Asset Management: Leveraging Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of investment management, Generative AI and LLMs offer both groundbreaking opportunities and complex risks. These technologies have the capacity to revolutionize decision-making, automate due diligence, and enhance client engagement. However, they also pose significant challenges in terms of compliance, security, and ethical considerations.

Failure to adapt to this transformation will leave firms obsolete, while reckless adoption could result in severe regulatory and financial repercussions. Our upcoming presentation will provide an analysis on how to strategically integrate these technologies, ensuring you remain competitive without compromising on risk management or ethical considerations. The future is here—navigate it wisely to avoid becoming a cautionary tale.


  • Dr Leslie Teo, Senior Director, AI Products, AI Singapore
  • Lucas Bouziat, Business Development Manager Asia at Amundi Technology and Managing Director of Fund Channel Asia, Amundi
  • Stuart Loy, Solutions Architecture Leader, Global Financial Services, AWS
  • Xan Huang, Senior Solutions Architect, Global Financial Services, AWS

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Masterclass 2
The Brave New World of Tokenization & Blockchain in Asset Management

Blockchain technology provides a decentralised and secure platform for recording financial transactions. In asset management, this can lead to increased transparency, reduced costs, and faster transactions. In practical terms, this may translate to reduced number of servicing partners, quicker settlement periods, lower costs and therefore a better overall experience for the investor.

As with all disruptive technologies, blockchain introduces novel opportunities as well as risks. Firms need to carefully consider the technical and regulatory implications before implementing these technologies. The technology may be evolutionary in nature, but the potential impact to our industry can be revolutionary.


  • Marita Mcginley, Head of Digital Asset Strategy, Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd
  • Alan Lim, Head, Fintech Infrastructure Office, Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Stephanie Magnus, Principal, Baker McKenzie
  • Rehan Ahmed, President, Marketnode

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Masterclass 3
Building better portfolios with ETFs

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have come a long way since they were first launched in 1993, with global ETF assets having surpassed US$10 trillion in 2023. From a niche investment option relative to traditional funds, ETFs have become one of the most popular tools in investors’ portfolios. Innovation is continuing to provide more and more choices for a range of buyers–from first-time investors to professional wealth and asset managers–to choose how they navigate investing in a way that’s convenient for them.


  • Andy Ng, iShares Investment Strategist, Asia Pacific, BlackRock
  • Christian Obrist, Head of iShares Distribution, Asia, BlackRock
  • Ivan Wong, Head of iShares South East Asia Institutional Distribution, BlackRock
  • Sunita Subramoniam, Head of iShares Sustainable Product Strategy, Asia Pacific, BlackRock
  • Wee Lynn Low, CFA, FRM, Index Fixed Income Strategist, Asia ex-Japan, BlackRock

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Masterclass 4
Through the Lens of a CIO: A Masterclass in Asset Allocation

It is an exciting time to be in asset allocation. Traditional financial theory has found that a vast part of portfolio returns can be attributed to asset allocation, but the environment in which we operate and invest in today is evolving at a rapid and unprecedented pace. Structural changes driven by developments like climate change, geopolitical-led policies, the evolving correlation between traditional asset classes, and technological advancements are amongst the many important factors that are impacting asset allocation decisions and driving long-term returns.


  • Dr Chiam Swee Chiang, PhD, CFA, FRM, Managing Director, Head - Total Portfolio Policy & Allocation Economics and Investment Strategy, GIC
  • Dr Salman Ahmed, Global Head of Macro and Strategic Asset Allocation, Fidelity International

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Masterclass 5
One-size-fits-all? Democratising wealth at scale

Our differences are what makes us unique as individuals. For the most part, our industry has embraced the idea that one-size does not fit all when it comes to investing and financial planning. 

Yet too many choices can create more challenges, which beckons the question: should investing for a long-term goal like retirement be made more accessible than what it is today?

In this vast and evolving investment landscape, clients are either overwhelmed by the myriad of investment options presented by multiple institutions or are left holding investments that may not serve their needs as they enter a new stage of life.  Harnessing the full potential of open-banking and actively embracing digital enablers will be key to creating high quality, comprehensive and customisable financial planning tools and products that can empower individuals to invest for their long-term goals.


  • Stephen Kaplan, Head of Customized Managed Account Solutions, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Jin Yuejue, Asia Head of Investment Specialist, Multi Asset Solutions, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Evy Wee, Head of Regional Financial Planning & Advisory Solutions, DBS Bank

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