IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference & Masterclass 2023

Opportunities in Volatility

9 March 2023

Registration closes on 2 March.

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Business leaders across the globe are faced with an increasing scope of responsibility and complexity of decision-making amidst unprecedented volatility and market uncertainty. Confronted by geopolitical, societal and environmental issues, coupled with a dizzying pace of digitization, it is more imperative than ever for decision makers to uncover the tremendous “Opportunities in Volatility”.

IMAS & Bloomberg are providing for the very first time a new series of Masterclasses conducted by highly regarded senior experts. Designed for C-suite, senior leaders and heads of business units, we are offering a deep and comprehensive learning experience with teaching, breakout sessions with the participants that will promote the sharing of industry best practice. Limited seats available on a first-come first-served basis – click here for the Programme outline!

Join us in the upcoming IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference & Masterclass 2023 at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay on 9 March! Asia’s leading event for the asset management – We look to bring together thought leaders to discover the blueprint that will help decision makers meet the challenges ahead with conviction and assurance.

Registration closes on 2 March. 
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Masterclass - ESG: Charting Possible Paths to Net Zero

As supply shocks and geopolitical friction fuel volatility in commodities markets, the world remains relentless in charting possible paths towards net zero.  This thematic workshop covers the tools and strategies that investors could draw on to contribute to net zero transition in the real economy and improve the resilience of their portfolio to climate change. These include transition risk integration, company engagement, scaling up transition finance, positioning for green opportunities, stranded asset exclusions, low carbon indices, to possible use of carbon offsets.  It also discusses reputational and regulatory risks given heightened scrutiny over private sectors' net zero commitments. 

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Masterclass - Lifting the veil on Private Assets: A fundamentals and practitioner’s perspective

Institutional investors continue to increase their allocation to private market assets and seek out new investment routes and opportunities.  Diversification from public markets, illiquidity premium potential, alongside safe harbour protection from rising interest rates and increasing inflation has fed the appetite for private asset investment. This masterclass will help investors (LPs), managers (GPs), interactive case studies, diving into the importance of due diligence, whether investment, risk or operational.  

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Masterclass - Building Organizational Brain Capital to Attract and Maintain Top Talent

Brain capital is the quantification of brain performance in an organization and in the investment management business, human talent is the single most critical competitive advantage. This masterclass will teach leaders in asset management organisations how to harness neuroscience techniques to better understand the mechanisms that underlie cognition, emotional intelligence, mental state and resilience, and how these traits affect individual and organization performance.  

You will gain insights on how to improve both individual and organizational brain performance, and how to systematically develop these traits within your teams and organization to build stronger, more sustainable asset management businesses.

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Masterclass - Putting Risk at the Heart of Decision Making in Volatile times

As investors around the world grapple with unprecedented levels of market uncertainty, Risk has moved front and centre into the decision-making process. But how to deliver positive performance while balancing the associated risks? What are the main risks facing our industry, now and in the future? And are we prepared to manage these? These questions have never been more pertinent. Join our trainers for an interactive masterclass to learn how we can understand, quantify and manage risk across the enterprise.

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Masterclass - Digitalisation

This masterclass will explore the growing role of tokenisation and the pathway to a DLT-native fund space. It would help leaders understand the importance of investing for the future, deep diving into the space of tokenisation, defi and CBDCs. This masterclass will further explore the tech evolution in wealth and asset management, examine what is the next big thing. Finally, the masterclass will share perspectives on the next generation of artificial intelligence, the impact of ChatGPT and how business leaders can best harness developments in AI to create fresh opportunities for investment management.  

This is an interactive masterclass conducted on the digital space in collaboration with the Investment Association, UK and will feature trainers both from financial centres in Singapore and London.  

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Each purchased ticket entitles participant to attend the
Emtech Global 2023

EmTech Global

In collaboration with the Investment Association, UK, IMAS brings to Singapore for the very first time, the Emtech Global 2023

EmTech Global
Innovation, Disruption and Adoption : The Next Generation of Investment Management

In the face of uncertainly and turbulent market conditions, the need for investment managers to create efficiencies and improve client engagement has never been more pressing. Join us in our partner’s event to discover how investment managers can unlock opportunities through accessing cutting edge technology.

IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference & Masterclass 2023



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