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How far have we come?
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The world has not only re-emerged from the pandemic, but the momentum in 2021 across digital innovation has only further accelerated as our industry continued to evolve into a digital-centric model.

With the significant number of FinTechs and fund-raising addressing every part of the value chain, what is the measurable progress the asset management industry has made towards the digital future?

How do we take stock of the advances in AI, DeFi, machine learning, blockchain, data analytics, and what challenges have come our way towards this progress?

Join us in-person at Shangri-La Singapore or virtually, at our 2nd Digital Summit in Asia. IMAS brings to you a retrospective glance at progress made, and a look forward into the next wave of the evolution in a digitized asset management world.

Has Investment Management Risen to Embrace its own Changing Game?

Advances in AI, machine learning, data analytics, unstructured or alternative data analysis, has meant that research analysts and portfolio managers today have more tools, information sources, and WMAs (Weapons of Mass Analysis) at their disposal. How have asset managers risen to the challenge? Has there been a sea-change in the way asset managers have conducted their core investment processes? We explore in this session not only some of the innovative technologies at hand, but how they are being implemented and used by asset managers.

"To B2B or to B2C": Competitive outlook for Digital Wealth Management in APAC

As next-gen digital advisors have made a "splash" in terms of scale, marketing outreach, as well as fund-raising, it leaves the question of how traditional intermediaries are responding to the opportunities and challenges in the digital wealth arena.  Who is winning the minds and hearts of the mass retail, mass affluent, and even the high net-worth investor?  How do asset managers respond in this time of opportunity as well as competitive challenges?  What marketing and distribution techniques are required to adapt in this new world?  And who will come out on top - a winner take all, or room for everyone?  And more importantly… what’s next?

Digital Assets, Decentralized Finance, Tokenization: Unshackling the Blockchain

In our first digital summit, we explored the rise of blockchain and the state of affairs for digital asset tokenization, and what lay in the future. This year, we revisit how far we've come in a year's time, and the challenges ahead. How should asset managers be preparing for the inevitable implications of blockchain across their core processes? Where should asset managers be focused on as a first step, regardless of their size? If the technology is so compelling, why has it not leap-frogged ahead in terms of disruption and adoption? What are the challenges facing both the providers and the consumers of a distributed ledger. Where are we with the tokenization of funds and stocks and ETFs, and other financial instruments?

ESG Impact Monitoring Within the Asset Management Space

The industry came under fire in 2021 for claims of greenwashing of ESG-themed funds. How can the industry take the challenge and improve transparency and reporting of what ESG impact scores actually mean, and how both regulators, institutions, and investors can easily comprehend the value of impact investing. In this panel, we look at how asset managers, and fintech providers are working jointly to address a critical area of need for ensuring that ESG reporting, and transparency can be reliable, dependable, and comparable in the future.


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