IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference 2022 | 9 March

Stewarding Capital
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Investing for a Greener Future
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2022 will see a pivotal year in the mobilisation of capital towards decarbonisation and addressing the long tail of an enduring pandemic. As stewards of capital, we as investors must continue to play our part to combat global warming, especially here in this part of the world. The Southeast Asian region is one of the planet’s most vulnerable regions to physical climate risks, as its low-lying coastal cities are highly exposed to flooding risks, while agricultural lands experience dramatic changes in heat and humidity. Antonio Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, has cautioned that global warming is at a “code red for humanity”. 

For Asian investors, financing the transition will be key in balancing the need for continued economic stability while decarbonisation incentives, ESG regulations and carbon data transparency solidify. Innovative green and transition finance tools and impact investing will be key in facilitating a purposeful transition. The challenge is for investors to drive new standards and solutions which can blend profit with purpose, adapted for Asia’s economic landscape.

Join us in-person at The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore or virtually, in discovering the blueprint where post-pandemic recovery will lead to a global economy that serves everyone. Where purpose need not be one without profit.

Macroeconomic Trends: Navigating the Headwinds

Even as a vaccine light at the end of the pandemic tunnel grows brighter every day, and with business and leisure travels steadily inching closer to pre-pandemic levels, institutional investors are still predicting significant headwinds in the near term as social, political and economic upheaval continues to dominate headlines and roil markets. The economic effects of the pandemic in many ways significantly altered the financial landscape that faced investors at the beginning of 2020, and while the core issues—fee pressures, low rates, volatility—have not fundamentally changed, they have been greatly exacerbated. Yet among the uncertainty lies opportunity. How should investors ride the wave of post-Covid recovery, while preparing for the unpredictable?

Transition Finance in Asia: What Does an Effective, yet Inclusive Transition Look Like?

As we embrace climate action both as needful and as an opportunity, the journey of decarbonization, clean energy procurement, sustainable supply chains and the path to a circular economy, how far has the sector come in addressing the transition to net zero and how will it commit to ensuring a lower emissions future? What does a credible transition look like in Asia and what are the addressable investment opportunities? Join us as we examine the key challenges and opportunities that arise when transitioning to a low carbon economy and discuss how we can collectively work together to achieve an effective yet inclusive transition to net zero.

Integrating ESG into Investment Frameworks – Is there an Optimum Model?

The current ESG regulatory landscape remains fractured and challenging to navigate. Different ESG reporting frameworks sometimes overlap, and perhaps could be at odds at times. Learn from leading responsible investors as they share their lessons from integrating global standards into investment decision-making. How to achieve ESG alignment in strategy, investment implementation and performance attribution.


Fireside Chat: Blended Finance

The Financial Case for Sustainability: Purpose does not mean Profitless. With blended finance increasingly emerging as the key to modern philanthropy, join us as we discuss inventive ways that mobilizes private capital flows to investments in sustainable developments, while providing financial returns to investors.

Oxford-Style Debate – “Carbon Credits – Boon or Bane?”

As the world move towards reducing carbon emissions, not all firms can reduce emissions fast enough and carbon offset schemes enable largest polluters to fund projects which bring down carbon dioxide, balancing out emissions equations. Globally, the demand for voluntary carbon credits is expected to grow 15-fold over the next 10 years, to 2 billion tones in 2030. 

Learn about the nuts and bolts of carbon credits and how asset managers are incorporating a new asset class of carbon allowances into their portfolios. 

IMAS-Bloomberg Investment Conference 2022




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