Digital technologies are revolutionising many industries, including the Asset Management sector. New challenges arise quickly while existing problems increasingly require innovative solutions for the industry to stay ahead. 

At IMAS, we are constantly on a look-out to discover new solutions, work with consultant and government agencies to connect with the best fintechs, solve industry problems and leverage economies of scale to galvanise digital transformation in our industry.

Our Fintech Jam series, a new digital platform gives an opportunity for our fintechs to showcase their best ideas via pitches and for asset managers to interact with fintech in an informal way.

In 2021, IMAS held its inaugural Digital Summit, where it gathered different players from the buy-side and fintechs within the ecosystem to discuss their digital journey and share perspectives on the future of asset management. Unwrapping some of the hot topics that the industry is faced with today – a future of accelerated innovation and digital transformation as corporates are forced to re-examine their business models.

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