Let’s Invest Together! (LIT!)

Let’s Invest Together! (LIT!)

Let’s Invest Together! (LIT!) is the culmination of significant cross-industry effort, with IMAS’ Gamification workgroup, collaborating with MoneySense, CPF Board, and the SGX Group, to accelerate Optimai, our fintech partner discovered through the IMAS Digital Accelerator Program (DAP). By leveraging on technology, and the mechanics of gamification, we have created a prototype of a fast-moving investment education game, available on iOS and Playstore, readily accessible to the investing public. 

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Given the evolution of the investor base, many of whom have become more digitally savvy, the IMAS Education Committee saw the opportunity in 2020 to leverage on gaming technology and the IMAS DAP to create a fun and exciting utility to help build investment knowledge amongst the investing community.

Utilising real data to simulate actual events, the game is uniquely able to help investors better understand how the various asset class interact, their risk profile and how their investment decisions can impact their portfolios, thereby improve their ability to asset allocate and build resilient investment portfolio for themselves.

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