Educating the investment community is one of the key tenets of IMAS. 

Reskilling and upskilling has never been more important for investment professionals to remain globally competitive, as the financial industry continually evolves. In response to members’ feedback identified during one of IMAS Regulatory Roundtables and amidst the disruption posed by the onset of COVID-19, IMAS launched iLearn, an online platform that seeks to centralise curated and relevant training programmes for investment management professionals, covering a broad range of topics including ESG.

IMAS strives to also enable the investing public to make better informed investment decisions. IMAS collaborates with our various partners like MoneySense and the Life Insurance Association of Singapore to provide investor education to the general public. Through our FundSingapore portal, IMAS aims to provide comprehensive information to investors about unit trusts and investment-linked life insurance products available in Singapore, as well as, educational materials on investing.


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