Affiliates & partners

Affiliates & partners

International Investments Funds Association (IIFA) 

IMAS is a formal global member of the International Investment Funds Association since 2008, a global organisation to promote the protection of investment fund investors, to facilitate growth of the investment funds industry internationally, to act as a medium for the advancement of understanding of the investment fund business around the world and to encourage adherence to high ethical standards by all participants in the industry. 

IMAS’ representation at the regional and global investment forums provides Members a voice of influence and a platform to learn and understand international best practices, access and leverage global industry expertise.  

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) 

IMAS is the official GIPS country sponsor of Singapore since 2007. With the release of the new GIPS 2020 which will impact GIPS-compliant firms and asset owners, IMAS is closely working with CFA, fund and alternative managers to highlight impacts and raise the profile and adoption of GIPS in Singapore.  

Stewardship Asia

IMAS collaborates with Stewardship Asia to contribute to institutional capacity building by advocating sound stewardship principles and bringing together leaders for mutual learning and sharing of practical issues facing businesses and organisations today.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

As the national association for fund managers, IMAS plays an important role to represent members’ interest to the regulators including MAS by providing a platform to advocate and voice industry concerns, formulate policies and pursue developmental initiatives to strengthen the asset management industry in Singapore as a whole.

Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) 

IMAS works closely with CPF

Life Insurance Association of Singapore (LIA)

IMAS, together with LIA, collaborated to launch the FundSingapore portal, a portal to provide investors with good and timely information about unit trusts and investment-linked life insurance products available for sale in Singapore.

Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) 

IMAS works closely with IBF to upskill the industry through a series of educational initiatives that are open to members at very cost-efficient rates to ensure future proofing and skills readiness within the asset management industry. 


IMAS supports MoneySense in its national financial education programme to educate Singaporeans regarding money matters including investing.

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)  

IMAS works closely with NYP for the promotion, support and delivery of a range of executive programmes in fund management and administration, as well as continuing professional development courses for professionals in the asset management industry.

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