IMAS has been actively involved in setting standards on sustainable investing for the asset management industry in Singapore.  

IMAS co-created the Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management for Asset Managers (“EnRM Guidelines”) with MAS, which seeks to enhance financial institutions’ resilience to and management of environmental risk. IMAS also solicited and consolidated members’ feedback for the MAS’ consideration throughout the consultation for the Guidelines.  

IMAS subsequently sponsored the development of the Green Finance Industry Taskforce (GFIT) Handbook for Implementing Environmental Risk, which seeks to facilitate the operationalisation of the Guidelines. IMAS also published its own e-learning module on Sustainable Investing & MAS Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management with support of the IMAS Environmental Risk Management Working Group to provide further guidance to members. 

IMAS continues to lead the industry in setting standards on sustainable investing through its participation in industry groups such as the GFIT and the Singapore Funds Industry Group.

1. Handbook for Implementing Environmental Risk Management 

The Handbook for Implementing Environmental Risk Management (“Handbook”) is a document developed by the Green Finance Industry Taskforce to facilitate financial institutions’ implementation of MAS Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management. In particular, the Handbook facilitates operationalisation of governance and strategy, risk management practices, and disclosure of environmental risk information. The topics covered in the handbook mirror the scope of the Guidelines. The handbook also draws on best practice from the industry as well as guidelines established by relevant industry bodies.  

2. Green Finance Industry Taskforce (GFIT) Green Finance Work Group, White Paper on “Fostering Green Finance Solutions” 

This white paper seeks to develop and accelerate sustainable financing. It is the culmination of research and discussions by members of the GFIT Workstream-3 on green finance solutions. The members worked to identify best practices, as well as key measures and resources needed to develop the green finance ecosystem in Singapore; the paper also formulates recommendations for the industry and policymakers.  

3. Financial Institutions Climate-Related Disclosure Document

This Financial Institutions Climate-related Disclosure Document (FCDD) provides a dedicated reference on climate reporting to complement the MAS Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management and GFIT Handbook for Implementing Environmental Risk Management. 

The FCDD highlights leading environmental disclosures practices to serve as a practical reference as financial institutions step up their efforts in the area of environmental disclosures. The FCDD adopts the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as the guiding framework for disclosure. 

4. Singapore Stewardship Principles For Responsible Investors 

The Stewardship Principles aim, by articulating the core behaviour and actions associated with investor stewardship, to enable investors to be active and responsible shareholders. They provide a view on the activities and functions that stewards should carry out, and how these should relate to the boards and management of investee companies.