How To Master The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet & George Soros Workshop

How To Master The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet & George Soros Workshop

24 Jan 2005

The organisers are prepared to offer IMAS members a concessionary price of S$ 2250 per person if more than 3 sign up for the 2 day event.

This is the pre-launch price and favourably compares with the conference price tag of S$ 2800 for early bird (closed on 10 January 05) and Group Booking price of S$ 2633.33 (closed on 4 Jan 05).

To register, fill up the registration form in the brochure attached, attention ‘Logen’ and either fax it to 65-6221 0981
or send it by email to

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More details as follows:

Who is Mark Tier?
Mark is the first person in the world to nail down exactly what makes Warren Buffet & George Soros so successful. He’s the first to demonstrate that investment success or disappointment- flows from your mental habits and mental strategies. And he’s the first to outline exactly what those strategies are.

He, himself adopted their Winning Investment Habits, and is currently living solely from the returns on his investments. He is also a Master Practitioner of (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The benefits for attending this Workshop are:
– Mark will show you how easy it can be to master those strategies yourself, and become one of those investors who seem to make money effortlessly.
– He’ll show you how to approach investing and make investment decisions like a Master Investor.
– He assures that every one of us can develop each of these habits, and it does not matter what type of investor
you already are.
– Some of the strategies you’ll learn are so obvious and simple to grasp, you’ll be amazed that you’ve never come
across them before.
– Learn how to clarify your goals that will powerfully affect your investment behavior, for the better!
– How to make giant profits with little or no risk.
– Adopting the Mental Attitudes of the World’s richest Investors.
– How to tell AT A GLANCE if an investment will make- or lose- you money.
– How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes the average investor makes.

And many more hot topics to be discussed during the 2-Day Workshop, with Mark so confident that each one of us can develop each of those strategies that we are making you this incredible money back guarantee!!!

If you do not get the investment results that you would expect after attending Mark Tier Workshop, we’ll refund your entire registration fee!!!

Who should attend this Workshop?
Individual Investors, Fund Managers, Asset Managers, Investment Advisers, Chief Investment Officers, Bankers, Brokers, Foreign Exchange Traders.

Seats are limited in order to maintain a level of interaction between Mark and participants. As such, book your seat as early as possible as it is the first time that Mark is conducting such a Workshop in this region.

Please read through the attachments for more details on this Exclusive Event for more information. For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Logen Mootoosamy.

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