IMAS Lunch Talk Series- Robo-Advisors: A Deeper Dive

IMAS Lunch Talk Series- Robo-Advisors: A Deeper Dive

17 Apr 2018

IMAS Lunchtime Talk Series (17 April 2018)
Robo-Advisors: A Deeper Dive

As technology is rounding up the investment world, Robo-Advisory may not be a new phenomenon but it is gaining momentum, particularly in Asia. The Robo-Advisory discussion is fuelled by the low-cost-low-yield environment, the popularity of passives, mass affluence and the growing interest in self-directed service. Robo-Advisors are already providing asset managers with a more personalised and low-cost channel to reach a wider audience. It is for these reasons that many large asset managers have already – or are close to – implementing a Robo-Advisor proposition.
It is therefore imperative to understand in some detail what are the different types of Robo-Advisors, how do these Robo-Advisors work, what are the advantages and potential pitfalls, how can these be implemented (build / white-label/ acquire?) and with a whole variety of Robo-Advisor technology platforms – how does a firm evaluate these? Stradegi, during this lunchtime talk aims to cover these aspects. We hope the session will be interactive given that a lot of asset and wealth managers have gone through the experience of implementing one or in the process of implementing one.

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17 April 2018, Tuesday


11.45 am to 1.30 pm


TKP Conference Centre Cecil Street


137 Cecil Street Hengda Building


Level 4, Ginza Room


Singapore 018989

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