IMAS Lunchtime Talk Series – Quantitative Investment Management

IMAS Lunchtime Talk Series – Quantitative Investment Management

15 Aug 2018

Within our investment community, the rise of computer-driven strategies in the hedge fund space has generated considerable buzz. Market values of investments controlled by machine-based algorithmic strategies, often perceived as Black Boxes, have more than tripled since 2009. Fundamentally driven managers are now spurred on to explore quantitative strategies. The hunt for alpha and new insights has sparked a war on talent between Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Join us in this exciting talk conducted by the Chief Investment Officer, Mr David Ong, of Octagon Capital Management Pte Ltd, one of the oldest hedge funds in Singapore and among the first quantitative hedge funds in Asia. David will demystify for us the Black Box of Quantitative Investment Management, explain how quantitative investments can be incorporated within the mainstream investment approach, and explore its benefits and limitations.

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15 August 2018, Wednesday


11.45 am to 2.00 pm


TKP Raffles Place


Conference Room 1, Level 3


55 Market Street


Singapore 048941

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