IMAS Training: End:to:End STP: Dream or Reality?

IMAS Training: End:to:End STP: Dream or Reality?

10 Mar 2006

The presentation focusses on SWIFT’s standard setting role, as the Registration Authority for ISO (International Organisation for Standardization). ISO is the world’s largest developer of standards. It is a network of the national standards institutes of 148 countries with a central Secretariat in Geneva that co-ordinates the system. SWIFT is mandated to register standards related to ISO1502 securities message standards and the new UNIFI (ISO20022) financial message standards.

Our discussion will touch upon how to adopt ISO standards in a cross-border investment environment in general as well as in the fund administration area in particular; how the Singapore investment management community can be fully linked into the global environment, while mitigating risk and optimising operational excellence.

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